Objectives of the Institute


  1. To promote the standards and ideals of the science and art of the profession of housing management;
  2. To provide a central organization for those engaged in the profession for the promotion of management of housing estates and property by properly trained and qualified housing practitioners, and generally to foster the improvement of housing in all respects;
  3. To provide opportunities for the acquisition and dissemination of technical information by and among members of the profession with a view to improving standards of efficiency;
  4. To select, train and test by examination and to grant certificates and diplomas and to award prizes to persons desirous of entering the profession or obtaining advancement therein;
  5. To co-operate with other bodies and persons in Hong Kong and elsewhere in connection with all or any of the Institute's objectives;
  6. To advance and promote learning and education of the profession and to offer and provide management, teaching and any other service whatsoever for the education of the profession;
  7. To organize and arrange conventions, conferences, meetings, lectures, classes, exhibitions, demonstrations, displays, shows and gatherings of any kind whatsoever so as to further the profession;
  8. To print and publish any publication, newspaper, periodicals, books or leaflets for the promotion or advancement of the objectives of the Institute;
  9. To promote, support and protect the character, status and interests of housing managers in Hong Kong;
  10. To maintain and promote the usefulness of the profession of housing managers for the public advantage;
  11. To join other institutions and organizations outside Hong Kong with similar objectives as member;
  12. To enter into any arrangement and/or agreement for reciprocal recognition of qualifications and/or memberships of the Profession with any institution or organization, whether local, overseas or in mainland China whose objectives are identical or similar to those of the Institute; and
  13. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive of the attainment of the above objects as the General Council may consider appropriate.